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The Owner's Dog,
- He's a "good boy!"

  • Portal  allows  dogs  on  our  patio  area  only  at   the   discretion   of   our   Management   team.  Your dog may not be permitted in if any   degree   of   aggressive   behavior   is   observed.

  • For  overall  guest  enjoyment  and  operational efficiencies, Management may limit the  number  of  dogs  allowed  on  the  patio  to no more than two, at any given time.


  • All dogs must remain under their handler’s control at all times, and are not allowed in the dining room area. Make   sure   your   pooch   is   well-behaved   around    other    people    and    especially    children.    


  • You  will  be  asked  to  leave  if  aggressive behavior or prolonged barking occurs,  or  guest  complaints  about  your  dog are received. Leash  your  four-legged  friend  and  keep  him   or   her   from   socializing   with   other   diners, unless welcomed.


  • Keep your dog under or close to your table or  chair  so  he  or  she  is  not  in  the  server’s  path. Dogs are not allowed on the chairs or tables.Bring  your  own  doggie  bowl  or  ask  your  server for a doggie bowl for water if necessary.


  • Pets are not permitted to eat or drink out of restaurant glasses or dishes. Remember  to  tie  your  dog  to  your  chair  and  not  a  table.  A  dog  tied  to  a  table  can  result in spilled drinks or food if he or she is strong enough to make the table move.


  • Please  take  your  pooch  outside  immediately  if  he  or  she  displays  indications  that  they  need  to  relieve  themselves.    Please  pick up after your dog and ask your server if you need an extra doggie pooh bag.


  • By  bringing  your  dog  to  Portal,  you  are  accepting  full  responsibility  (financially  or   otherwise)   if   any   damage   to   the   restaurant  or  injuries  to  others  or  their  property  occur.    You  are  also  attesting  that your dog is healthy, vaccinated, and has no contagious diseases.

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