NOVEMBER 4. 2021

Don’t adjust your television. Yes, that was water falling from the sky. After last winter it’s understandable if you’ve forgotten what rain looks like. And my goodness, when it rained, it poured! Just like the beers over at your friendly neighborhood gastropub;) It’s a “what can I do to get you into a new beer today” sort of  Beermail.


Halloween may have been a few days ago but we’ve still got some treats to hand out. As if there wasn’t enough reason to love October 31st, there’s always one more reason I’m extra happy. If it’s the end of October, it means there’s probably some Boney Fingers around. And lucky us, we happen to have a keg of one of my very favorite Moonlight beers set to tap any day now. Boney is a fantastic black lager and an awesome fall treat If you’ve never had it, it’s a little like a robust version of Death & Taxes. D&T is like the best daily driver you could ever hope for. With a higher ABV your mileage might suffer a little, but it sure is fun to have a few extra horses under the hood every once in a while.


We’re spoiled for hoppy beer right now. Like my kid’s candy bag, we’re embarrassed with riches. If you don’t believe me, let Beachwood, Barebottle, Laughing Monk, Ghost Town, or newcomer Claimstake do the talking. Seriously though, that Claimstake Rally Rumble pale ale is fantastic. Light bodied and clean with all the delicious clout Citra hops have to offer.


Lastly, we were very lucky to score an extra special treat from far, far away. Allagash, of Maine, was kind enough to allocate us a little of one of their finest. Nancy. Nancy is a tart ale that brings local cherries together with Brettanomyces yeast. The beer is brewed onto a blend of Maine-grown Balaton and Montmorrency cherries. It ferments for over a year in a stainless steel tank with the cherries and Brettanomyces. Copper in color, Nancy’s flavor is a medley of citrus, cherry, and pie spice, with a hint of graham cracker. The finish is dry and refreshingly tart. Sold.


We’ve also got some new bottles of Two Broads cider for you to check out. Sexy, provocative, playful, and a great way to liven your spirits if they’re in need of a boost. Or if you just need something awesome to make your awesome more awesome.





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