JULY 30. 2021

We’re in the middle of summer and the heat is turning up. Not outside. I mean, could we be having better weather than this?!?! (knocking on wood now) No, no, the heat is turning on the draft list at Portal. Have you seen it, it’s on fire! And it’s all for you, our adoring beer drinkers. It’s a nothing but the best for our loved ones kind of Beermail.


We’ve got a diverse group on the Portal staff and we like to create a comfortable atmosphere for a diverse crowd on the patio. People are rich palate and that deserved to be celebrated. And what better style to raise that flag than a pale ale? It’s a great beer style for everyone and it seems Urban Roots brewing up in Sacramento agrees. Let’s all gather round over a pint of Guys, Gals, & Non-Binary Pals and take in the rainbow of juicy orange, tropical fruit, and dankness.


More Urban Roots! Don’t sleep on Tomorrow’s Verse, a beautiful American made saison. Light in color and body but a whirlwind of flavors, it’s like a passport to southern Belgium and a bouquet of flowers, citrus zest, and the neighbors baking banana bread in one lovely glass.


There’s been a lot more changes to the draft list over the week. We’ve got a whole new wardrobe with nothing but great beers to satisfy your thirst for the good stuff.


Ghost Town’s Geisterfaust pilsner returns. It’s possibly the best pilsner, if not the best lager being made in the Bay Area right now. Seriously.


Temescal has finally added a West Coast IPA to their short core of permanent beers. West joins Hazy and Pilsner to give them a fantastic trio of beers available year round. West is here to show us why the best coast is always the best coast.


Super fun beer from Faction. Faction makes some of my favorite dark beers in the Bay Area. They also like to dabble in Belgian styles sometimes. They’ve combined those concepts to create Belgian Stout, a seldom seen style with loads of potential. Dark maltiness, chocolate and roast get a makeover thanks to the Belgian yeast which provides a soft roundness and fruitiness to add even more layers of flavor to a style with plenty of layers of flavor. Come try some.


When we have them on Laughing Monk kettle sours have proved to be some of the most popular beers we feature. We’ve loaded up on their latest offering, Book of Tropics. I’m prepared for you this time and doubled my usual order. I still don’t think this page tuner will stay on the shelves very long.


And there’s more. So much more...


We’ve also got some new cider bottles to join our awesome Far West Cider cans. I’ve been trying to find a way to add Two Broads ciders to our stable of delicious things and “because” became all the reason I needed. Two Broads Ciderworks is a very small batch cidery run by a lovely couple that is as daring as they are spunky. Their ciders are expressive of the varietals of apples they hunt down and expressive of the boisterous character of both Broads. We’ll be getting two of their delicious offerings to start, but with your help we can bring in more and more flavors. And the bottle artwork is amazing. A close second to the fantastic product within.


Make your way over to the patio to try a bottle of Push Mower, a session cider that packs a refreshing punch of flavor on a small ABV price tag. Can’t ask for much more than that.

But if you thrive on bolder flavors we also have their Kumquat May, a co-fermentation of cider apples and kumquats. The result is bold, tart, and zesty but still very drinkable and refreshing.

Check out their website and try not to fall in love. https://twobroadscider.com/



1611 2ND AVE.OAKLAND.CA.94606