MAY 5. 2021

Feliz Cinco de Mayo, Amigos! I can’t believe it’s May already. I’m going to make this a quick and tidy Beermail so I can get out and enjoy the beautiful weather before I miss out. It’s a quick and tidy Beermail, everybody.


Who wants hazy? You want hazy? We have you more than covered this week. Oakland’s own Ghost Town is bringing us a keg of a fresh off the presses Double IPA called Wrecked. And this one is looking hazy. Real hazy. Mango juice hazy. And it’s loaded up with Sultana and Ekuanot hops to deliver a pirate’s bounty of tropical fruit and spicy/herbal booty. Hops ahoy!


And for my beer geeks out there, I got you covered too. I did some scrounging and came up with a keg of Logsdon from the great Pacific Northwest, famous for their farmhouse ales, ranging from lovely saisons to complex sours. This one was too cool to pass up. Two Rivers Noir is a blend of saisons aged on Pinot Noir grapes and young saison fermented with brett (wild yeast). The brett helps create a more complex beer that comes across as dry on the palate. The grapes will add layers of intrigue, an increased acidity, and a beautiful rosey color as a bonus. A great celebration of what beer can be. This one is not to be missed.


And right behind it is a special treat from Side Project out of Missouri. Stay tuned….




1611 2ND AVE.OAKLAND.CA.94606